Who We Are

PESADO placed the highest respect and appreciation on how human relationships bond and nurtured throughout the years. The most valuable and heartfelt experiences one can have is a constant loving and binding relationships that pull two hearts together as one. PESADO enable you to say those magical words to your love ones with the highest quality PESADO 22K 916 Gold and PESADO Palladium Silver collections. PESADO jewelleries are skilfully crafted and custom-polish to perfection to ensure maximum reflection and sparkling brilliance.

Handcrafted Precision

PESADO skilled workmanship of 22K gold combined with Swarovski-certified zirconia crystal has leave an everlasting impression for the haute couture of the highest echelon. Each piece is handcrafted to precision that enable you to enjoy the brilliance of natural mined diamonds without the heavy price tag.


PESADO is environmental conscious and placed great emphasis with its Environmental Stewardship and Protection Policy. PESADO believes in creating a better world for the future. Some of the initiatives are:

  • Eco-Aware
    PESADO Swarovski ZG and PESADO Au Courant collections do not harm the environment.
  • Sustainability
    All PESADO Swarovski ZG and PESADO Au Courant collections are recyclable-friendly and adhere to the high safety standards.
  • High Value
    PESADO Swarovski ZG and PESADO Au Courant usually cost 30% - 40% less compared with naturally mined diamonds, giving you a substantial savings on your dream design and flexibility.
  • Rare
    All gemstones come with the authentic Swarovski-certified laser imprinted logo. PESADO also gives you a guaranteed Buy-Back Policy, the first of its kind in the world.